What are Ketones?


Ketones, scientifically known as “ketone bodies” are regularly produced by the liver from fatty acids in the diet. Specifically, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are converted to ketone bodies in an obligatory fashion in the liver and made available to the body via the circulatory system. Ketones serve as the brain’s principal alternative fuel to glucose (the primary energy source for the brain and other body tissues). Low levels of ketones are always present in the body, generated by the regular daily diet consumed by most individuals. These normally low ketone levels, however,  do not contribute a significant amount of energy to the brain.  Even the aging or diseased brain can utilize ketones when they are provided in sufficient quantity, since the brain metabolizes ketones through a different pathway than that used for glucose. All mammals create ketones by burning their own stored fat when glucose providing food is unavailable or in short supply. This ability to function without totally relying on glucose means that during periods of starvation, the brain may derive up to 60% less of the energy it requires  from glucose metabolism, making up the difference through ketones. This ability of the brain to use ketone bodies as a major fuel source during fasting means that the body does not have to burn up protein stored in muscles to survive. As a result of this evolutionary adaptation, during periods of extreme food shortages, normal weight humans can survive, while maintaining both their cognitive and muscle function, for as  long as two months under starvation conditions.

Ketones & Memory Loss Treatment

The nutritional benefits of ketones are especially important for people who have conditions (notably old age and neuro-degenerative diseases) where their brain’s ability to take up and utilize glucose is impaired. This reduction in the glucose fuel supply to the brain has been identified as a contributing factor to the cognitive and neurological decline found in the aging and or diseased brain. Fuel For Thought® is a food that significantly and quickly increases ketone production with its high concentration of MCTs – which are naturally found in coconut oil – combined to make a delicious beverage. It is easy and convenient to add to your regular diet without having to change your food preferences.

Cognate, the leader in Ketonomics® research and development, continually focuses on furthering scientific investigation into the actions and benefits of ketones.

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