• Fuel For Thought® has really helped my son’s recovery following a devastating accident.  At only 20 years old, he deals with short-term memory loss but he’s feeling great improvement in his clarity, focus and energy.  We’ve all noticed an overall positive shift in his mood and can see the difference when he’s taking Fuel For Thought®.

    Linda - CT
  • I’ve always preferred natural alternatives so I’m not taking any medication, and I’m actually improving now that I’ve started Fuel For Thought®.  I don’t have an issue swallowing anymore, my hand tremor has subsided, my balance is good…even my doctor says my scores are getting better.

    Jim B. - WI
  • For months, my mom had been struggling with memory issues, unable to remember basic parts of her day-to-day routine or even look at a clock and tell the time. Now, after starting Fuel For Thought®, she’s clearer and able to carry on her day without all the reminders. It amazed us all to see the difference in just a matter of weeks – she truly has regained her independence.

    Janine - MN
  • Thanks for saving my life!  Within 48 hours of taking Fuel For Thought®, I could feel the difference.  I am back to what I used to be.

    Jack - FL
  • The results for my husband have been amazing.  He’s more energetic, clearer, even his sense of humor is back.  I’ve seen the changes firsthand and there’s no disputing it, Fuel For Thought® works!  We are thrilled to have our quality of life back.

    Trudy - FL
  • I feel much better now that I’m taking Fuel For Thought®, more energetic and sharper.  Friends are constantly commenting on what a difference they’ve seen in me since starting on the product. I’ve definitely been maintaining rather than declining.

    Peter - NA
  • I have been drinking Fuel For Thought® fairly consistently for well over a month now. I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste (I’m not a fan of coconut) and consistency of your product. It was delicious and easy to consume.

    Kathy, age 57 - CT
  • For me, the benefits of Fuel For Thought® have been noticeable and dramatic. Fuel For Thought® has restored my energy level. I believe in its beneficial results and will continue to use it regularly. A final comment – it is delicious. I normally take it straight, but have also enjoyed it on my morning cereal.

    John, age 78 - CT
  • My 95-year-old-mother has now had her Alzheimer’s diagnosis for 9 1/2 years and has had to be in a long-term care facility for the past 5 1/2 years. She has been drinking your product, Fuel For Thought®, for the past eight weeks. She is now happy, laughing, and able to enjoy family visits. I am very pleased and thankful for my mother’s response to your product.

    Marilyn - IA
  • I am so EXCITED – Fuel For Thought® is really working! Yesterday, I spent HOURS catching up in Quicken, categorizing hundreds of transactions in multiple accounts, remembering details to ask about. I was clear-headed, energetic, remembered details — amazing!

    Sandy, age 60 - CT
  • I first heard of your company while reading Dr. Mary Newport’s book. My mom has been taking three tablespoons, three times a day for about seven weeks now and because it retains a constant consistency and has a nice sweet taste, it is very easy to take with no additional preparation. She drinks it down and is on her way! And, it can easily be taken to any restaurant as well.

    Lauren - IL
  • As a person with ALS, I am following the Deanna Protocol, an ‘alternative treatment’ approach that calls for multiple 3 tablespoon, 400 calorie doses of coconut oil each day. One of the items on my bucket list was a 60 day tour of Europe with stops in France to see my family. The only way that I could manage to take the specified coconut oil during our trip was by bringing along Fuel For Thought®. Due to its concentrated formulation, small bottles and easy drinkability, I could take it with me everywhere. It also cut the Protocol’s daily calories from 1,600 to 400!

    Daniel - WA