The Science behind Coconut Oil Supplements


Fuel For Thought® is made from coconut oil and fortified with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are metabolized by the liver into ketones. Normally, the brain uses glucose as fuel, but the aging or diseased brain can have a diminished ability to utilize glucose. However, the brain can always use ketones as an alternative fuel. Drinking Fuel For Thought® regularly provides the brain with a steady supply of ketones to support brain health and cognitive ability.

For an introduction to Ketonomics®, check out part I of our interview with Dr. Theodore B. VanItallie, co-founder of Cognate Nutritionals:

Coconut Oil Supplement Research

The science of ketones as a natural source of brain-supporting energy is extensive and compelling. There are more than 40 years of studies and research underlying the creation of Fuel For Thought®. Of all the foods found in nature, coconut oil has the highest concentration of naturally occurring MCTs, which are converted by the liver into ketones.

Cognate Nutritionals, maker of Fuel For Thought®, is on the forefront of the new science of Ketonomics®, and is considered the leader in this emerging field of research and development.

There is significant research documenting the benefits of ketones and Cognate Nutritionals is dedicated to ongoing clinical research that provides additional documented scientific results on these benefits in human subjects. Cognate Nutritionals has participated by invitation in multiple studies of varying designs and significance involving our signature product, Fuel For Thought®.

Our research is so promising that health care clinicians are increasingly embracing the product, eagerly using Fuel For Thought® as part of patient protocols. And that’s the real difference for you and your loved ones.