Good brain health relies on maintaining good nutrition and keeping the brain active. We at Cognate Nutritionals, makers of Fuel For Thought®, understand brain-healthy food. Our delicious and convenient functional food is rich in coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) scientifically proven to raise ketones in the body, providing fuel for the brain. We like to keep our brains sharp by finding free online games, which we share with you.

What Was There?

chameleon-318649_640What Was There, one of a series of free brain games from Games For The Brain focuses on perception and memory. In it, the player sees a photograph or a drawing and is asked to memorize it. It takes some concentration to note all the details in some of these pictures. Then, the picture is gone and the player is asked a question that reveals whether the brain has maintained enough specific details.

“IQ” points are earned by correct answers, with 10 points given for each correct answer. Each incorrect answer eats away 10 points. The game continues as long as the player likes. Don’t be fooled. Some pictures will recycle, but the questions are different, so the player needs to notice different details.

As the game plays, the player is treated to various “brain tips” when the right answer to a question is revealed. One such tip is: “Change Your Environment! Eat lunch somewhere new, drive a new route to work, or change your household routines. Changing your environment helps to keep your brain stimulated.”

Color Range

If you like free online brain training games that are puzzles, then the site Puzzle Play has lots of options for you. One that is a real challenge is called Color Range.

In this game, you will be exercising your spatial reasoning. The goal is to separate each line so no line overlaps any other line. Each puzzle has a certain number of smiley-faced bubbles connected by lines. The easier puzzles contain fewer bubbles and have easier to find solutions.

As you progress, the puzzles get harder, of course. If you take too much time, you time out, but you have another shot. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more stars you earn. It’s fun and challenging.

Now, treat yourself to some Fuel For Thought®, known to help your body produce ketones, a proven fuel for your brain. For more information on Fuel For Thought®: www://

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    Here’s a well-built multiplayer (!) Concentration (Memory) game that requires no registration: