Every day, we’ve been reading that keeping our minds engaged into our senior years can make a big difference as we age. In light of that, Cognate Nutritionals, makers of Fuel For Thought®, regularly brings our readers a  selection of free brain games that help focus and sharpen the mind.

Seven Mini Games

The site Brain Games presents seven short brain exercise games that will challenge you. Each game focuses on a different ability − accuracy, perception, reaction, multi-tasking, memory, and coordination.

Try Multi-Task, in which you must match the objects on the left of your screen while doing sums on the right. In Memory, you need to click on the black dots in the order in which they appear. In Speed, quickly find and type the letter on your keyboard that corresponds with the highlighted letter on the screen.

These are fun brain games that are amusing and fast. As an added bonus, each game gives immediate feedback on how well your brain performs.

Check Your Brain Age

At Free Brain Age Games, you can find out your brain age, or so the site says. While there’s no scientific proof of the evaluations on this site, the quick-moving games do provide fun and some good ideas on how to improve the various mental gymnastics that the games test.

Try out Attention/Recognition and click on the proper numbers as they appear in various styles and forms, or flex your language muscles with Language/Anagrams. In Visual/Cognition, you need to be very attentive to the details in two photographs to spot the differences.

If you finish all the brain training games, the site will tell you whether your score indicates your brain is younger than your age or older.

Let us know how well you performed on these brain games.

Now that your brain is all primed and raring to go, think about trying Fuel For Thought®, a natural and convenient way to  support your brain health, with medium chain triglycerides, scientifically proven to raise ketones in the body, providing additional fuel for the brain.