Benefits of Coconut Oil Supplement

“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

Coconut oil is one of Nature’s most powerful superfoods, frequently touted for its many natural benefits. But its greatest contribution to health and well-being is the support it provides for the brain. Coconuts contain more MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) than any other natural food.  When MCTs are consumed in sufficient quantity, the liver metabolizes them into ketones which quickly become available to fuel the brain in performing its many functions.

Ketones Supplement

When brain cells become unable to properly utilize glucose (the usual fuel for all brain cells), they begin to decline and can die. This results in impairment of cognition and affects other neurological functions. This decrease in the brain’s ability to utilize glucose often occurs due to aging as well as disease. This process can begin as early as your twenties! When you supply your brain with nourishing ketones on a daily basis, you help support your brain health and cognitive abilities. Ketones are a naturally occurring fuel for the brain which even the aging brain is always able to utilize. By providing a sufficient quantity of ketones, in many instances, brain cells in decline have actually been shown to recover some degree of function. Studies on impaired cognition have shown improvement in participants’ abilities to focus, concentrate, and retrieve memories – all of which adds up to a more enduring and enjoyable quality of life.

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