40+ years of peer-reviewed scientific research has proven that ketones are the brain’s only alternative fuel source. As people age, the brain becomes less able to utilize glucose, its usual source of fuel. Brain cells will then begin to decline and die. Typical diets generate low levels of ketones that are unable to adequately supply these energy deficient brain cells. Fuel For Thought® will kick up your ketones sufficiently so your brain will be able to have increased clarity, focus and improved memory.

The unique formulation of Fuel For Thought® combines 100% organic virgin coconut oil with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), naturally found in coconut oil. MCTs convert quickly to increase ketone production to improve your brain with clarity, focus, and memory support. The more ketones you regularly consume the better your memory, clarity and focus will be. Our delicious and concentrated Fuel For Thought® makes it easy to get all the benefits of coconut oil and MCTs in one concentrated serving with fewer calories.

  • Aruna Hollingshead

    My husband Lorne 76yrs, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in September 2015, after living in much denial. He admitted that he knew his memory was fading going since 2010. On his own, he had tried Aricept and Curcumin for some time. Aricept and Curcumin made no changes in Lorne.
    [Both parents of Lorne and two aunts died of AD.]

    We live in Calgary, Canada.
    In October I bought Prevagen on Amazon. So far I see no improvements.
    [This takes about 3 months to kick in.]

    On 1st November around midnight, I stumbled upon Dr. New Port’s website. Immediately, I woke up my husband and made him eat an omelette cooked with 2 tablespoons of pure coconut oil.
    2nd Morning I added the oil to the porridge. For supper I added the oil to the baked fish.
    3rd morning. Lorne looked upbeat and walked steadily than other days.
    I added the oil to the porridge. Around 11am, Lorne went for a bath on his own. Routinely, I have to help him out of the bathtub [ he is 6ft tall].
    Surprisingly, he was out of the bathtub on his own, and dressed up to go with my neighbour for an appointment .
    Lorne returned with a big smile and looked the happiest of all days in 2 years.
    He talked about the change at length with our neighbour Wendy, since he started on coconut oil.
    For supper, I added it to the fish.

    My birthplace is Sri Lanka. We use coconut in many forms in our daily lives.
    AD is rare or unknown.
    For decades, I used coconut in many forms.

    From now on I will use it daily in cooking like my ancestors did.

    I will continue this blog to write my observations for the benefit of all.

    Soon I will get Fuelforthought through a third party because it is ot available in Canada.

    • Andy Farrow

      Hi Aruna
      I enjoyed reading your comment. My mother died very recently and she was in the advanced stage of dementia which, we are sure would have eventually grown to full AD.
      My very close friend, he is Singhalese, said to me a long time ago that coconut oil would have helped mum and he indicated that dementia and AD is almost non existent in Sri Lanka.
      I would be interested to know how your dear husband is doing and hope that he continues to regain his health.
      God bless.