• Boost your brain to be top of your game with Fuel For Thought® 
  • The all-natural cognitive lift
  • This powerful blend of coconut and MCT oils produces a significant
    four hour rise in your body’s ketone levels, measurably improving your brain’s
    powers of focus, concentration and recall.
  •  All-natural non-GMO formula of coconut and MCT oils is a delicious
    easy to take, on-the-go supplement, for whenever and wherever you need
    to be at your best.
  •  Backed by 40 years of scientific research, including clinical and
    evidence-based proof. Sustain your brain with Fuel For Thought®
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Get All The Benefits of Coconut Oil In One Delicious Serving

  • Fuel For Thought® is a fortified coconut oil beverage that increases ketones to support brain health and energy.

  • Deliciously blended organic, cold pressed, extra-virgin coconut oil and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, natural fruit and berry extracts, provide a highly concentrated, convenient, ready-to-serve beverage. In fact, 15 coconuts of MCT power are in every bottle!

  • One serving of Fuel For Thought® delivers 2.5x the brain boosting benefits of 3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil – at only 1/3 the calories!