• Enhances memory, focus, and energy
  • Supports neurological function
  • Clinically proven to kick up your ketones -
    the only alternative fuel for the brain
  • Delicious and easy to take on-the-go
  • Lower calorie alternative to pure coconut oil
  • Preservative and additive free
  • Includes 100% extra virgin coconut oil fortified with MCTs

Get All The Benefits of Coconut Oil In One Delicious Serving

  • Fuel For Thought® is a fortified coconut oil beverage that increases ketones to support brain health and energy.

  • Deliciously blended organic, cold pressed, extra-virgin coconut oil and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, natural fruit and berry extracts, provide a highly concentrated, convenient, ready-to-serve beverage. In fact, 15 coconuts of MCT power are in every bottle!

  • One serving of Fuel For Thought® delivers 2.5x the brain boosting benefits of 3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil – at only 1/3 the calories!



40+ years of peer-reviewed scientific research has proven that ketones are the brain’s only alternative fuel source. As people age or suffer from neurological decline, the brain becomes less able to utilize glucose, its usual source of fuel. Brain cells will then begin to decline and die. Typical diets generate low levels of ketones that are unable to adequately supply these energy deficient brain cells.  Fuel For Thought® kicks up your ketones sufficiently so the brain will always utilize them, thus providing support to those same cells that were in decline.

The unique formulation of Fuel For Thought® combines 100% virgin coconut oil  with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), naturally found in coconut oil. MCTs convert quickly to kick up ketone production to help keep the brain supported in performing its many functions. Like a hybrid car that easily switches to a second source of good energy when the original runs out or is low, the more ketones you regularly have, the more consistent brain support you’ll enjoy.  The delicious and concentrated formulation of Fuel For Thought® makes it easy to get all the benefits of coconut oil and MCTs in one concentrated serving with fewer calories than taking an equivalent strength of plain coconut oil.